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Shipyard allows users to easily duplicate their Vessels, Fleets, Blueprints. This is commonly used to create slight variations or in lieu of built-in versioning.

When a Vessel is duplicated, the following things occur:

  1. A new Vessel is immediately created, with the name of {Old Vessel Name} (Copy) {New Vessel ID} .
  2. The Code, Command, Environment Variables, Packages, Guardrails, and Notifications from the old Vessel are transferred to the new Vessel.
  3. The Vessel's Triggers are all reset.
  4. The new Vessel starts with 0 logs.

Pressing duplicate will immediately create a duplicate without you needing to save anything. You will, however, likely want to change a few settings or create a more readable name.

Additional Notes

  1. You can't duplicate an instance of a Vessel, Blueprint, or Fleet that has been changed since the last save. You must first click save.