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Notifications provide an automated way to receive updates about the Vessels and Fleets you care most about. By default, notifications will be sent if the Vessel or Fleet errors out.

Notifications are only sent after the final status has been determined, not as soon as the issue occurs. For example, if your Vessel has guardrails set to 3x, an error notification would not be sent until it had errored out all 3 times.

When initially creating a Vessel or Fleet, the owner's email will be added automatically. You can always add additional user emails to be notified about the Vessel, or remove your own email in place of another. Notifications are always a required field because someone should always be aware if your scripts fail.

Pro Tip

You can paste a comma-separated list of emails into the field and it will automatically separate them all.

Notification Content​

Every email sent by Shipyard will contain links to the organizational structure of that element. This is designed to help you quickly dig into the platform. Structure included in the email:


  • Project
  • Fleet
  • Owner


  • Project
  • Vessel
  • Blueprint
  • Owner

Success Notification​

In a success notification, a button will appear to View Results. This will direct you to the Log of the Vessel or Fleet that ran successfully.

Currently, you can only select to receive success notifications when a Vessel or Fleet is triggered On-Demand.

Error Notification​

In an error notification, a button will appear to Investigate Issue. This will take you directly to the Log where the error occurred so that you can troubleshoot effectively.

If a Fleet errors out, you will only receive a notification for the Fleet, not every Vessel in the Fleet that errors out or doesn't run. This setup helps reduce notification overload in the event that something goes wrong.

Pro Tip

We recommend adding the Shipyard email address to your address book to ensure that alerts are never sent to spam.

Alternative Notifications​

While Shipyard currently only supports sending notifications via email, most vendors support the ability to send messages to their service with a specialized email address. Check to see if this is the case for the vendor of your choice!

We've verified that this alternative works for:


Add Email Addresses

Success Email example

Failure Email example

Additional Notes​

  1. Notifications can only be sent via email. No other messaging platforms are supported at this time.
  2. Emails provided do not have to have access to Shipyard to receive a notification.
  3. Notification settings are the same for every user that is listed.
  4. Notifications are only sent for 2 different event types. These event types cannot be changed at the moment.
  5. Notifications are only applied at the Vessel and Fleet level. You cannot subscribe to notifications for a Blueprint (and therefore all dependent Vessels).
  6. When a Fleet errors out, we will never designate which Vessel specifically errored out, as there could be multiple possibilities.