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Shipyard URL Structures


All URLs within Shipyard follow a consistent format that's built on internal IDs and names. When used in combination with the Shipyard Environment Variables, this can be a useful way to link a user directly to an area of the platform that you want them to view, edit, or run manually.

Below is a list of the most common URL structures that may be needed.

PurposeURL Structure
View All Projects{org_name}/projects
View all Blueprints{org_name}/blueprints
View a Single Blueprint{org_name}/blueprints/{blueprint_id}
View Fleets for a Single Project{org_name}/projects/{project_id}/fleets
View Logs for a Single Fleet{org_name}/projects/{project_id}/fleets/{fleet_id}/logs
View Individual Log for a Fleet{org_name}/projects/{project_id}/fleets/{fleet_id}/logs/{fleet_log_id}
View Individual Log for a Vessel{org_name}/projects/{project_id}/fleets/{fleet_id}/logs/{fleet_log_id}/{vessel_log_id}

Additional Notes​

  1. Shipyard first checks to verify that the user visiting the page has access to the underlying content. If not, they will be redirected to the projects page.