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Logs are a historical record of how a Vessel or Fleet ran in Shipyard at a specific point in time. They can be referenced by their UUIDv4 and contain metadata pertaining to one individual voyage or run.

A log is created under the following conditions:

Log Retention#

Log data is routinely deleted from our system to decrease storage costs. The amount of time we'll hold onto your logs is determined by the pricing tier that you're currently subscribed to. Currently, we keep logs around for a minimum of 7 days.

Log Data#

The data contained within a Log differs slightly for Vessels and Fleets differ slightly. Explore them in depth below.

Additional Notes#

  1. Logs cannot be manually removed from Shipyard by users. If you need a log deleted because sensitive information was accidentally printed, contact support.
  2. Logs cannot currently be exported from Shipyard for analysis. If you need access to this data, reach out to support.
  3. We currently only expose a portion of the available log data, but we have more metadata stored on the backend. If there's something you would like to see, please contact support.