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How to Reference User Input from a Blueprint Variable


As part of creating a Blueprint, you'll no doubt have multiple Blueprint Variables that users can fill out. To access the user input, you'll want to use the Variable's Reference Name. This how to guide will walk you through the steps to reference those Blueprint Variables in your code.


For the examples below, say we have an example where the Variable's Reference Name is cool_var_name .


Your Reference Name is case sensitive. Make sure you type it exactly the same.

  1. Locate the field where you want user data to flow into. Common locations are in the Argument Value or the Environment Variable Value field.
  2. Use the format of ${VAR_NAME} , replacing VAR_NAME with your Reference Name. For our example, this would be ${cool_var_name}
  3. Save the Vessel.

Now, when the Vessel runs, the reference of ${cool_var_name} will be replaced by whatever the user enters for that variable.


You've now successfully referenced user input in your code.