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How to Delete a Blueprint


You may have an old blueprint that should no longer be used, or maybe you just set something up incorrectly. This how to guide will walk you through the steps to delete the Blueprint.


You can't delete a Blueprint if it has any dependent Vessels. If you try to, you'll receive an error message of You cannot delete the Blueprint. It has Vessels that were created from it.


You can't recover a Blueprint once it's deleted. Make sure you have any data you need saved.


Step 1 - Find the Blueprint

  1. Click the Blueprints navigation button on the side navigation.
  2. Search for the Blueprint.
  3. Look under the Vessels column. If the number is >0, click the number. If not, skip to Step 3.

Step 2 - Delete Dependent Vessels

  1. Follow this how to guide to delete each dependent Vessel found in the table on the Dependent Vessels tab.
  2. Once all dependent Vessels are deleted, switch to the Settings tab for the Blueprint you want to delete.

Step 3 - Delete the Blueprint

  1. Click the red Delete text at the bottom of the page.
  2. Confirm that you really want to delete the Blueprint.

You've now successfully deleted a Blueprint.