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Git Connection


The Git connection allows you to sync with code that lives in an external git version control platform (e.g. GitHub). This connection consists of 3 components:

  • Repo - Select the repository where your code lives.
  • Code Source - Select the branch or tag that contains the code you want to use.
  • Git Clone Location - Choose whether the repository code should be cloned into the current working directory or a folder named after your repository (the default cloning method).

At runtime, the contents of this repository and branch/tag will be cloned, ensuring that the latest code commit is used. Effectively, the following command is being run:

git clone --branch branch-name repo-url

The Git connection is only available after setting up a GitHub Integration.

Accessing Code from Git​

Default - Folder with Repo Name​

By default, your code is cloned into a new folder with the repo name. This mirrors the behavior that you would expect when running the command locally. If the [file to run] exists in your git repository, you will need to include the repo-name as a folder.

Including the repo name as a folder

Unpack into Current Working Directory​

If you select the option to "Unpack into Current Working Directory", your GitHub repository contents will be available in the home directory. Your file to run will not need to include a folder name, unless the file exists in a nested folder structure.


While this option is convenient, due to the nature of file sharing within Fleets, there is a risk that the contents of your repository could be mistakenly overwritten by other Vessels in the Fleet.

Either Option​

Pro Tip

You can use the platform environment variable of SHIPYARD_CLONE_LOCATION in your file to run to dynamically reference the clone location. This environment variable will resolve with home/shipyard/ or home/shipyard/<repo-name> depending on the git clone location that you select.


Additional Notes​

  1. The git connection only supports GitHub at the moment.

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