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How to Insert a Date into any Field


When you are sending a report to a stakeholder or automate uploading a file, you may want to include the current date or time in the file name to let your stakeholder know when the report was ran.


  1. Navigate to a Vessel with a field that you want to include a date.
  2. In the field, reference the Shipyard environment variables related to the Fleet or Vessel's Start Time. A full list of Shipyard environment variables can be found here.

Ex. ${SHIPYARD_FLEET_START_TIME_YEAR}-${SHIPYARD_FLEET_START_TIME_MONTH}-${SHIPYARD_FLEET_START_TIME_DAY}. This will return a string with year-month-date. Feel free to add any other information before or after the date setup, but never inside the ${} environment variable reference.


If you need to reference the file name again downstream, we recommend using FLEET_START_TIME variables because these times will be unchanging throughout the current run.

If you want the time to be different for every Vessel, use the VESSEL_START_TIME variables. This will require you to use regex match to find the file name downstream in the same Fleet.

Other Date Examples​

Here are some other general use-cases:

Example OutputField Entry