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How to Duplicate a Vessel


Sometimes, you'll want to re-use the existing components of a Vessel with only a few slight changes. In these cases, duplication will allow you to avoid the hassle of manually repeating an existing configuration. This how to guide will walk you through the steps to duplicate a Vessel.


Step 1 - Navigate to the Vessel​

  1. Navigate to the Project where your Vessel lives.
  2. Find the Fleet that your Vessel lives in and hover over the Action menu.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Find the Vessel that you want to duplicate. Hover over the Vessel block and select the "copy" icon.

You've now successfully duplicated the Vessel and are editing the copy.

Step 2 - Edit the Duplicate​

While the Vessel has been successfully duplicated, it contains a less readable name that indicates the Vessel it was originally a copy of. We recommend making a few adjustments before moving on.

  1. Decide on a new Vessel name.
  2. Edit the Vessel to make any other minor tweaks you want.
  3. Connect the Vessel to at least one other Vessel in the Fleet.
  4. Click Save.