Always-On Monitoring

Find and fix workflow problems faster with better monitoring tools.


Get updates right when you need them.

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Track every detail without added effort.

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Find information you need quickly.

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Visualize changes over time.

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Keep tabs on actively running jobs.

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Don't let the little things stop you.

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Immediate Alerting

Get alerted ASAP by email if your Vessels run into trouble. Have peace of mind that your team will receive notifications whenever an issue arises, without needing to set up additional processes. Waste less time and money by giving your team the awareness and ability to address workflow problems immediately.

Detailed Logging

Get access to all the information you want with no additional setup needed. View the entire standard output for each run to see the steps taken by your Vessel. View the wealth of metadata to track changes in duration or resource usage.

Seamless Investigations

Eliminate time spent digging into logs, searching for the right information. Every time a Vessel runs, it gets its own unique log, easily accessible in the UI. Historical logs are accessible up to the moment a Vessel was first created. Browse through Voyages to easily identify which ones ran successfully, and which ones had failures.

Performance Analytics

Visually discover how your organization's runs are changing over time. Gain the ability to answer questions like, "Are runs taking longer?", "Is resource usage increasing over time?", and "Are my custom blueprints being used?" Easily monitor and identify all the trends that you care about.

Realtime Results

Follow along in realtime while a Vessel is in progress. Never feel in the dark, wondering how far along your processes are.

Automatic Retries

Every Vessel can be set to automatically re-run if issues arise. Have peace of mind that small problems like bad connections or temporary timeouts won't slow your system down.

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