Rapid Launching

Avoid barriers and get your code running within minutes.

Native Code Support

Run popular languages out of the box.

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No Extra Code

No proprietary configs needed.

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Solution Focused

Solve for problems, not limitations.

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Multi-Step Pipelines

Tackle the most complex jobs.

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Reusable Snippets

Keep changes and updates in sync.

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24/7 Scheduling

Run your code as often as you need.

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Painless Setup for Your Favorite Languages

With the ability to run SQL, Python, Node.js and Bash right out of the box, you can build almost any backend solution you can dream of.

Shipyard has built-in functionality for processing environment variables, package installation, and command line arguments, making code execution quick and painless. All it takes is a single script to start automating in less than 3 minutes.

Less Hurdles to Launch

You already have enough headaches to deal with. Why learn how to integrate yet another proprietary package with your existing code base?

Our promise is to make sure code runs the same on Shipyard as it does locally. Nothing extra ever needs to be added to your code to get it working, meaning you maintain control while avoiding lock-in and switching costs. And, you can launch Shipyard in days versus the weeks or months typical of other data orchestration platforms.

Stop Building For Restrictions

Sometimes, you can catch yourself building solutions that are just working around the limitations put in place by the tools and resources you have access to. You may split up your jobs to avoid time limits or avoid running out of RAM.

We believe you should be able to focus more on solving the problem at hand, not hitting restrictions. With our dynamically scaling backend, you gain the freedom to stop worrying about things like resource usage and system timeouts.

Find Your Flow

Not every problem can be solved by a single script. When you have a complex process to implement, you can string multiple jobs together as part of a Fleet. Have Vessels trigger one another after successful completion to tackle larger tasks with ease and benefit from visibility into every step of the process.

Reuse Your Code

The longer you code, the more you see similar problems being tackled every day. Shipyard gives you the power to turn those repeatable processes that you identify into open-source low-code Blueprints that anyone in your organization can use.

If the underlying code needs to be updated, all Vessels built using that Blueprint will reflect the change. Gain the power to eliminate rogue code snippets and keep your processes in sync.

Simplified Scheduling

While crontab scheduling is straightforward, it isn't the easiest to digest at first glance. Shipyard offers a more visually digestible way to schedule and interpret when your scripts should run. You can set your jobs to run at any time of day, up to every 5 minutes.

Schedules aren't required though. Choose to run your Vessel ad hoc, or immediately after another vessel as part of a Fleet.

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