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How to Execute a Webhook Trigger


Setting up a Webhook Trigger allows you to programmatically run the Fleet from an external service. Webhooks can be used by running a POST request against the provided webhook URL. This how to guide will walk you through the steps to execute a Webhook Trigger.


For the examples below, substitute <WEBHOOK_URL> with your own URL.

Step 1 - Execution​

  1. Install the Requests library by running pip install requests
  2. Open up Python in your terminal window by typing python or python3
  3. Run the following python code:
import requests


Step 2 - Verification​

  1. Check to see if the Webhook Status Code is 201. If so, your Vessel or Fleet was scheduled to run successfully.
  2. Navigate to the Logs Tab for your Vessel or Fleet to verify that it ran correctly.

You've now successfully executed a Webhook Trigger.