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What skills do I need to get started with Shipyard?โ€‹

If you have standard needs to run QA on your data, deliver reports, and send data to external partners, you will be able to get by using only the Blueprints found in our Blueprint Library.

If you have proprietary business logic needs, you will likely need at least one technical team member that can initially build solutions for the organization. However, other users of Shipyard are not required to know code. We built the platform to allow business users the ability to easily access and take advantage of internally built solutions as Blueprints.

Shipyard is a workflow automation platform built for semi-technical team members. As long as you know how to write a little bit of code in SQL, Python, Bash, or Node.js, you can build and launch almost any solution that doesn't need a UI to function. We've made the platform as easy as possible for you to take your existing coding skills, no matter how advanced they are, and solve problems at scale.

If you have an idea of something you want to solve, and you're not sure if it's possible with Shipyard, reach out to us!