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Tableau - Download View


> ## First time using this Blueprint? Make sure you follow our Tableau authorization guide.

Download a view from Tableau as a PNG, PDF, or CSV file. Typically used for pulling live data visuals and sending them to a messaging service, like Email or Slack.


Authentication MethodTABLEAU_SIGN_IN_METHODSelectusername_passwordUsername & Password: username_password

Access Token: access_token
Determine which authentication method to use when connecting to Tableau.
Username or Access Token NameTABLEAU_USERNAMEAlphanumeric--Your personal username or the name of the access token that you use to log in with Tableau.
Password or Access TokenTABLEAU_PASSWORDPassword--The password associated with the provided username OR the access token associated with the provided access token name.
Server URLTABLEAU_SERVER_URLAlphanumeric--The scheme, subdomain, domain, and top-level domain (TLD) of your Tableau URL.
Site IDTABLEAU_SITE_IDAlphanumeric--Typically found in the URL as /site/YOURSITEID/
Project NameTABLEAU_PROJECT_NAMEAlphanumeric--The project name that the workbook view you want to download lives in. Leave blank if found in the root project.
Workbook NameTABLEAU_WORKBOOK_NAMEAlphanumeric--The name of the workbook that the view you want to download lives in.
View NameTABLEAU_VIEW_NAMEAlphanumeric--Name of the view that you want to download.
Download AsTABLEAU_FILE_TYPESelectpng.png: png

.pdf: pdf

.csv: csv
File format to download the specified view name as.
File NameTABLEAU_DESTINATION_FILE_NAMEAlphanumeric--File name that will be created for the view being downloaded. Include the extension.
Folder NameTABLEAU_DESTINATION_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumeric--Folder where the file will be created. Leave blank to store in the current working directory


Below is the YAML template for this Blueprint and can be used in the Fleet YAML Editor.

blueprint: Tableau - Download View
Authentication Method: username_password ## REQUIRED
Username or Access Token Name: null ## REQUIRED
Password or Access Token: null ## REQUIRED
Server URL: null ## REQUIRED
Site ID: null ## REQUIRED
Project Name: null ## REQUIRED
Workbook Name: null ## REQUIRED
View Name: null ## REQUIRED
Download As: png ## REQUIRED
File Name: null ## REQUIRED
Folder Name: null
retry_count: 1
retry_wait: 0s
runtime_cutoff: 4h0m0s
- "200-205"