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Tableau Authorization

Tableau Blueprints rely on users to:

  • Provide their username and password or a Personal Access Token.
  • Provide the Site ID and Server URL
  • Provide the name of the relevant element (Workbook, Datasource, View)

Below are the steps of how to accomplish each of these individually.

Creating a Personal Access Token​

  1. Sign into your instance of Tableau.
  2. Click your user icon in the top-right corner and select My Account SettingsClick My Account Settings
  3. Scroll halfway down the page and stop at the section titled Personal Access Tokens. Tableau Personal Access Tokens
  4. Provide a descriptive name for the token (we suggest Shipyard) and click Create New Token.
  5. Click Copy to Clipboard and store your Token Secret in a safe location. You will need both the Token Name and the Token Secret for authentication.

Finding the Site ID​

As a part of every URL on Tableau, you should see a section that says /site/YOURSITEID/.

For example, if the full URL was, your Site ID would be shipyarddevelopmentdev123456.

Finding the Server URL​

The Server URL is the beginning part of the URL, including the subdomain, domain, and TLD.

For example, if the full URL was, your Site ID would be

Finding the Workbook Name​

Workbook names can be found in multiple locations.

In the Explore Section​

Workbook Name in Explore Section

While Viewing Workbook Details​

Workbook Name in Overview

While Editing a Workbook​

Workbook Name while Editing

Finding the Datasource Name​

In the Explore Section​

Datasource Name in the Explore Section

While viewing Datasource Details​

Datasource Name in Dataousrce Details

While Editing the Datasource​

Datasource Name while Editing Datasource


Currently, we only support refreshing Datasources that have been published.

Finding the View Name​

Views can be individual charts or a Dashboard that combines multiple charts. The names for these views can be found in multiple locations.

While Viewing Workbook Details​

View Name while viewing Workbook Details

While Editing a Workbook​

View Name while Editing a Workbook


Currently, we only support pulling data from views that have been published as part of the workbook. Anything in a draft state cannot be accessed.