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In order to get started with SFTP Blueprints, a user and password with read and write access is required, or and RSA Key.

Username and Password​

The username and password values that are created when adding a user (for FileZilla as an example) would be passed into the appropriate input variables listed below in order to connect programmatically to the SFTP server. Read and write permissions should be provided when the user is added to the SFTP server.

RSA Key​

To authenticate with an RSA key, you'll need to follow instructions for generating a public/private key pair and adding the public key to your SFTP. This article walks through the general steps needed.

Once you have the private key, (generally called id_rsa) , you'll need to upload the RSA Key in a Vessel that runs before your SFTP Vessel. Follow this tutorial for a basic understanding of how this should work.

At this point, you should be able to reference the RSA key by name when using an SFTP Blueprint.