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Hex - Check Run Status (Deprecated)


This Blueprint has been deprecated. Please use the vendor's "Trigger" Blueprint and set the "Wait for Completion" option to "True". Using this new option is free, more stable, and will complete faster. Read more about this change here.

Check for the status of a project run on Hex. By default, Hex will return a response that contains the status of the project run (COMPLETED on success)

This Blueprint allows you to verify the status of a specified project run. If this Vessel has an upstream Vessel that runs a Hex project and the Run ID is not provided as an argument, then the Vessel will use the Run ID generated upstream and located in shipyard-artifacts/hex-blueprints/variables/RUNID.pickle.

The Vessel's exit code and status will match the status of the Hex project run.

  • If the run status is COMPLETED, the Vessel will return an exit code of 0, interpreted by Shipyard as successful
  • If the run status is PENDING, the Vessel will return an exit code of 220, an error
  • If the run status is RUNNING, the Vessel will return an exit code of 221, an error
  • If the run status is ERRORED, the Vessel will return an exit code of 222, an error
  • If the run status is KILLED, the Vessel will return an exit code of 224, an error
  • If the run status is UNABLE_TO_ALLOCATE_KERNEL, the Vessel will return an exit code of 225, an error

The response for this request will be stored at shipyard-artifacts/hex-blueprints/responses/run_RUNID_status_response.json

Recommended Setup:

  1. A Vessel built with this Blueprint should be paired with guardrail retries. This will allow the Vessel to continually check for status until a final result is found.
  2. This Vessel should run immediately after a Vessel built with the Hex - Run Project Blueprint. With this setup, you can leave the Run ID field blank and this Vessel will check for the results of the recently created run.


Project IDHEX_PROJECT_IDAlphanumericβœ…--The Project Id can be acquired from the project URL itself or from within the project's variables section. See authorization page for more.
API TokenHEX_API_TOKENPasswordβž–--The API token is generated by Hex for a set amount of time. See authorization page for more
Run IDHEX_RUN_IDAlphanumericβž–--The run id is associated to a refresh of a project and is automatically created when the project refresh is triggered


Below is the YAML template for this Blueprint and can be used in the Fleet YAML Editor.

blueprint: Hex - Check Run Status (Deprecated)
HEX_RUN_ID: null
retry_count: 4
retry_wait: 0h5m0s
runtime_cutoff: 0h5m0s
- '201'
- '202'
- '203'
- '204'
- '205'
- '206'
- '207'
- '222'
- '224'