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Hex Authorization

To get started with the Hex Blueprints, you will need the following items from Hex:

  • API Token
  • Project ID

Creating a Hex API Token​

  1. Log into Hex and select the Settings option in the bottom left hand corner of the sidebar

Hex Settings

  1. Select the API Keys option Hex API Key
  2. Select New Token and then when prompted, opt for a 30 day expiration and provide a description for your token.
  3. Select Generate TokenGenerate Token
  4. Ensure that you copy the token and save it, you will be unable to access it again.

Publishing a Hex Project​

In order for these Blueprints to function, the Hex project needs to be published. Ensure that the project is properly published by:

  1. Selecting the Publish button in the top right corner Publish Project
  2. Add in details to the Version Details section then hit Publish versionPublish Hex Project

Accessing the Project ID​

The safest way to access the Project ID is through the project itself.

  1. Select the desired Project
  2. Once open, select the Variables option on the left hand panel. The hex_project_id will be displayed under the Hex Built-Ins section. Click the hex_project_id to copy the Project ID to the clipboard.

Project Id