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Salesforce Authorization

id: salesforce-authorization sidebar_position: 1 title: Salesforce Blueprint Authorization hide_title: true sidebar_label: Authorization description: Instructions on how to authorize Salesforce to work with Shipyard's low-code Salesforce templates. keywords:

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  • blueprint
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  • authorization

Salesforce Authorization

To get started with the Salesforce Blueprints, you will need an access token or following items from Salesforce:

  • Domain
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Username
  • Password
  • Security Token (This might be required based on your organization's security policies.)
  1. Navigate to App Manager

    • Go to Setup.
    • Enter "App Manager" in the Quick Find box.
    • Select App Manager from the results.
  2. Initiate App Creation

    • Click on "New Connected App".
  3. Input App Details

    • Connected App Name: Shipyard
    • API Name: Shipyard
    • Contact Email: [Your email address]
    • Enabled OAuth Settings: Ensure this is checked.
    • Callback URL: If you lack a callback URL, enter no:callbackurl.
    • Selected OAuth Scopes: This might vary based on your use case. However, commonly you'll select:
      • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
      • Manage user data via APIs
  4. Save and Continue

    • Click "Save".
    • Click "Continue".
  5. Retrieve Consumer Details

    • Click on the app you've just created.
    • Navigate to "Manage Consumer Details".
    • Copy the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" and store them securely for future use.

Note: Ensure that the "Username-Password Flow" isn't restricted for your organization. Go to the setup console, search for OAuth and OpenID Connect Settings, and verify that Allow OAuth Username-Password Flows is enabled.

Obtaining an Access Token Using Salesforce CLI

The access token (commonly referred to as a “bearer token”) acquired from Salesforce CLI is essential for authentication.

  1. Setup Salesforce CLI

    • If you've previously installed Salesforce CLI, update it following the guide: [Update Salesforce CLI].
    • If Salesforce CLI isn't installed, download and install the latest version appropriate for your OS.
  2. Authenticate Developer Org with CLI

    • Use Salesforce CLI to log in to your Developer org.
    • A browser window will open. Sign in using your org credentials.
    • Grant permission by clicking "Allow" in the browser.
  3. Confirm Authentication

    • In the CLI, you should see a confirmation message like:
      Successfully authorized with org ID 00D5fORGIDEXAMPLE
  4. Retrieve the Access Token

    • Use the following command, replacing <username> with your username:
      sfdx force:org:display --targetusername <username>
    • The access token will appear in the command output.