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RudderStack Authorization

To get started with any RudderStack Blueprints, you will need to create an Access Token. This Access Token is a secure way for Shipyard to access RudderStack and will be required for every RudderStack Blueprint. Additionally, you will need to know where to find your Source IDs.

Create a RudderStack Access Token

  1. Sign in to RudderStack
  2. On the sidebar, click Settings.

Click Rudderstack Settings

  1. Scroll to the bottom until you see Personal Access Tokens.
  2. Click Generate new tokenGenerate New Rudderstack Token
  3. Provide a descriptive Token name like "Shipyard".
  4. Select the "Read-Write" Role.
  5. Click Generate.

Generate Rudderstack Access Token

  1. Copy the personal access token and store it in a safe place. You'll need this for every RudderStack Blueprint.

Copy the RudderStack Access Token

Getting your Source ID

There are 3 places you can find your Source ID.

Main Dashboard

On the main dashboard, the Source ID is found underneath every source card. Rudderstack Source ID - Dashboard

Source Overview

When the source is selected, the Source ID is available both in the URL and under the Write key section. Rudderstack Source ID - Source

Source Settings

When you're on the source settings page, the Source ID is visible. Source ID Settings

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