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Rudderstack Authorization

To get started with any RudderStack Blueprints, you will need to create an Access Token. This Access Token is a secure way for Shipyard to access RudderStack and will be required for every RudderStack Blueprint. Additionally, you will need to know where to find your Source IDs.

Create a RudderStack Access Token​

  1. Sign in to RudderStack
  2. On the sidebar, click Settings.

  1. Scroll to the bottom until you see Personal Access Tokens.
  2. Click Generate new token

  1. Provide a descriptive Token name like "Shipyard".
  2. Select the "Read-Write" Role.
  3. Click Generate.

  1. Copy the personal access token and store it in a safe place. You'll need this for every RudderStack Blueprint.

Getting your Source ID​

There are 3 places you can find your Source ID.

Main Dashboard​

On the main dashboard, the Source ID is found underneath every source card.

Source Overview​

When the source is selected, the Source ID is available both in the URL and under the Write key section.

Source Settings​

When you're on the source settings page, the Source ID is visible.

Source ID Settings

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