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Google Cloud Storage Authorization

In order to get started with the Google Cloud Storage Blueprints, a service account with the necessary GCP permissions is required.

Creating a Service Account for Google Cloud Storage (GCS)​

  1. Login to your GCP console
  2. Using the top selector, choose the Project where your Google Cloud Storage bucket lives.

  1. Hover over "IAM & Admin" in the sidebar

  1. Click "Service Accounts" in the options

  1. Add a service account name
    a. Do not edit the ID field which will auto-populate
    b. Optionally add a description to the service account

  2. Click "Select a role" dropdown
    a. Scroll down the options and hover over "Cloud Storage"
    b. Select "Storage Admin" (not Storage Object Admin)

  1. Click "CONTINUE"

  1. Click "DONE"
  2. Find the new service on the service accounts table
    a. Click the menu dots under the "Actions" column
    b. Click "Manage keys"

  1. On the Keys page click the "ADD KEY" dropdown
  2. Click "Create new key"

  1. In the popup modal select "JSON"
  2. Click "CREATE"
  3. Copy the downloaded file JSON contents and save for safe keeping. The contents of this file can be pasted into the "Service Account" input for all Google Cloud Storage Blueprints.