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dbt Cloud Authorization

To get started with any dbt Cloud Blueprints, you will need to create an Service Token. This Service Token is a secure way for Shipyard to access dbt Cloud and will be required for every dbt Cloud Blueprint.

Create a dbt Cloud Service Token​

  1. Navigate to your organization's instance of dbt Cloud
  2. Open the side navigation and select Account Settings in the top right corner

dbt settings

  1. Select Service Tokens from the menu.

dbt service tokens

  1. Select the option to Create service token

create token

  1. Name your token something descriptive, like "ShipyardToken", and give it "Account Admin" privileges. Click Save once you're finished.

  1. Copy the generated token to a Password Manager service or somewhere safe. This value will be used in every dbt Cloud Blueprint.

dbt Cloud Successful Token Creation