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Upload one or more CSV files to any table in With the file data, you can:

  • Append Data - Add the contents of your file to the end of the table.
  • Replace Data - Write over the entire contents of table with the contents of your file.
  • Add Data Only if Table is Empty - Add data to the table if no data exists.

Column names are inferred from the header row of your CSV file. Column names must not be null or be duplicate values.

If the table already exists, the header values are matched to the table column names. The header names must match the existing column names in your table, otherwise the Vessel will error.

Data is inserted into the table by using multiple INSERT statements.

In all instances, if the table name does not already exist, a new table will be created with datatypes inferred from the CSV contents.


API KeyBITIO_API_KEYPasswordβœ…--API Key associated to your account. For more information, see the Authorization documentation.
Folder NameBITIO_SOURCE_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumericβž–--Folder where the file to upload can be found. If left blank, will search in the current working directory.
File Name Match TypeBITIO_SOURCE_FILE_NAME_MATCH_TYPESelectβœ…exact_matchExact Match: exact_match

Regex Match: regex_match
Determines if the text in File Name will match exactly to a single file, or use regex to match to multiple files.
File NameBITIO_SOURCE_FILE_NAMEAlphanumericβœ…--The file name that contains the data you want uploaded.
SchemaBITIO_SCHEMAAlphanumericβž–--Schema where the table you're creating or uploading to exists.
Table NameBITIO_TABLE_NAMEAlphanumericβœ…--Name of the table where you want data inserted. If the table doesn't already exist, it will be created.
Insertion MethodBITIO_INSERT_METHODSelectβœ…appendAppend Data: append

Replace Data: replace

Add Data Only if Table is Empty: fail
Determines how the data in your file will be added into the target table.