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Airtable Authorization

In order to get started with the Airtable Blueprints, you will need an API Key with programmatic access. Additionally, you'll need the names/IDs of the Base, Table, and View you would like to access.

Generating an Airtable API Key

  1. Login to your Airtable
  2. Navigate to your account overview page.
  3. Select Generate API Key Generate API Key
  4. Click into the purple area to reveal your API Key. Copy this somewhere safe! Revealing your Airtable API Key

Getting Base, Table, and View IDs

Navigate to the Base/Table you would like to access with Shipyard. Once there, extract the IDs directly from the URL. Airtable builds all of it's URLs as{base_id}/{table_id}/{view_id}

For example, in the following URL

Base ID: apprAb54fnzSbGPqV Table ID: tbltgrZ2A5vbSOuDs View ID: viwaqiREptRiFI5un

Alternatively, you can use the Table Name and the View Name found in the UI, although it is less recommended since the name can change without warning.

Table and View Names