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Airbyte Authorization

In order to get started with the Airbyte Blueprints, you will need an API token to get programmatic access. Additionally, dependning on the blueprint, you will need a Connection ID or Job ID for the syncs you wish to trigger or verify respectively.

Generating an Airbyte API Token​

  1. Login to the Airbyte Developer Portal
  2. Navigate to the API Keys section

  1. Select New Api Key

  1. Name your API key and click Generate.
  2. Make sure to either copy the key or download it

Getting Connection IDs​

  1. Log in to your Airbyte Cloud instance
  2. Click on the connection you would like to sync

  1. The Connection ID can be acquired from the URL:

Getting Job IDs​

  1. The job ID will be returned after triggering a sync via the API. The response will look something like this:
"jobId": 1234,
"status": "running",
"jobType": "sync"