6 Best Data Podcasts to Listen to in 2023
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6 Best Data Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

Blake Burch
Blake Burch

Want to stay up to date on the latest in the data industry while you drive to work? Or if you're permanently working remote (like us) while you knock out chores?

We've compiled a list of some of the best data podcasts you can listen to right now. Most of these podcasts follow an interview format, giving you a deep-dive into the mindsets of data leaders, the teams they run, and the problems they face.

All of the podcast options listed below focus on the data ecosystem as a whole, are largely vendor-agnostic in the content they provide, and are listed in no specific order. We hope you'll see your favorites and also find some new shows to put into your listening list.

1) Data Engineering Weekly

With some of the most in-depth sessions in the industry, the Data Engineering Podcast is a staple to add to your listening repertoire. Hosted by Tobias Macey, the weekly episodes range from conversation about the latest technology to unique approaches to problems at the top companies. This has consistently been one of our favorites over the last few years.

The weekly podcast about data engineering. Learn and stay current on modern data management, featuring weekly deep dives with the engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are shaping the industry. Your best resource for big data, ETL, databases, data lakes, and running machine learning in produc…

2) The Data Stack Show

This podcast features weekly episodes that discuss the ever-changing landscape of the data industry. Questions like "What is the Modern Data Stack?" and "How is Data Infrastructure evolving?" are frequently discussed in-depth. The Data Stack Show covers the gambit of problems faced by data teams and how solutions are evolving for those problems over time.

Home | The Data Stack Show

3) The Sequel Show

This podcast is a new kid on the block, hosted by our friends at Census. The team brings on the brightest minds in the data industry and talk about where the industry is currently at and where it's going.

‎The Sequel Show on Apple Podcasts
Your next favorite data podcast, hosted by Boris Jabes, CEO of Census, and featuring all the data nerds you know and love. Brought to you by Census. https://getcensus.com

4) Data Skeptic

This podcast focuses on the practical applications of data, providing detailed overviews of how companies approached their problems with a data science mindset. If you like hearing about a wide array of problems across the spectrum (like gerrymandering, fashion forecasting, micro-mobility, and supply chain) then this is the podcast for you.

Data Skeptic: AI, ML, DS
A podcast about data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data.


While not a traditional podcast, Data Council hosts a weekly video series that interviews leaders in the data space to pick their brains on where they see the industry going and how their solutions fit in to the larger picture. This is a great series for better understanding the tooling that's available to the modern data team.

Data Council
Data Council connects software engineers and data scientists around common challenges using open source data technologies. Our content and events are designed to give data professionals the knowledge and insights to build scalable, analytical systems to handle ever-increasing amounts of data. We b…

6) Building the Backend

A relatively new podcast on the scene, Building the Backend does a great job interviewing data leaders in concise 30-minute episodes. If you want to know the problems that drove the latest technology in the data space, this podcast is a great place to start.

Building The Backend - Building The Backend
Check out some of the most listened episodes below: Thank You Listeners!

Know of any great data podcasts or video series we missed? Let us know by contacting us.

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