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How to Build a New Vessel using a Code Blueprint


Every unique solution you create will require you to build a Vessel. If you're creating the solution from scratch, you'll want to create a Vessel with Code. This how to guide will walk you through the steps to build a Vessel with Code.


Step 1 - Initial Setup

  1. Navigate to the Vessels tab underneath a project.
  2. Hover over the + New button in the top-right and click New Vessel.
  3. Select With Code.
  4. Select the language that you want to use to build your Vessel.

At this point you'll be walked through the Vessel setup wizard. If at any point in the process, you want to go to a previous step, you can either click on the step process number at the top, or click the Back button at the bottom. You can also completely delete your unfinished progress by clicking Cancel.

Step 2 - Provide Code

All of the information on this tab is required.

  1. Provide the code for your solution, using any of the available methods.
  2. Provide the command details necessary for your code to run properly.
  3. Click Next Step once you're done.

Step 3 - Define Requirements

All of the information on this tab is optional.

  1. Provide any environment variables that your script uses.
  2. Provide any external packages that your script needs to use.
  3. Click Next Step once you're done.

Step 4 - Save Settings

  1. Give your Vessel a unique, descriptive name.
  2. Optionally, change the project. By default, the project you navigated to in Step 1 will be selected.
  3. Optionally, edit the notifcations to send users emails about the Vessel.
  4. Optionally, edit the guardrails to make the system automatically retry your Vessel upon an error.
  5. Click Save and Finish once you're done

You've now successfully built a Vessel with code.