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SFTP - Upload Files


Easily import one or more files directly into an SFTP Server, no matter how big they are. The match type selected greatly affects how this Blueprint works.

This Blueprint requires write permissions in order to upload to the SFTP server.


HostSFTP_HOSTAlphanumeric--Domain or IP address of the SFTP server to connect to.
PortSFTP_PORTInteger22-Number for the port to connect to. 22 is used by default.
UsernameSFTP_USERNAMEAlphanumeric--Value of the configured username in the SFTP server.
PasswordSFTP_PASSWORDPassword--Value of the configured password associated to the username on the SFTP server.
Local Folder NameSFTP_SOURCE_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumeric--Name of the local folder on Shipyard to upload the target file from. If left blank, will look in the home directory.
Local File Name Match TypeSFTP_SOURCE_FILE_NAME_MATCH_TYPESelectexact_matchExact Match: exact_match

Regex Match: regex_match
Determines if the text in "Local File Name" will look for one file with exact match, or multiple files using regex.
Local File NameSFTP_SOURCE_FILE_NAMEAlphanumeric--Name of the target file on Shipyard. Can be regex if "Match Type" is set accordingly.
FTP Folder NameSFTP_DESTINATION_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumeric--Folder where the file(s) should be uploaded. Leaving blank will place the file in the root directory of the SFTP.
FTP File NameSFTP_DESTINATION_FILE_NAMEAlphanumeric--What to name the file(s) being uploaded to the SFTP. If left blank, defaults to the original file name(s).