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File Manipulation - Decompress Files


Decompress a single archive using ZIP, TAR, TAR.GZIP, or TAR.BZ2 into a single folder containing all compressed files.

Be sure you know what type of compression was used on the file originally! There are many instances where a file might end in .zip but be compressed using .gzip (or other methods).

If the archive contains only a single file, the New File Name field can be used to rename it. Otherwise, if the archive contains multiple files, it is recommended to leave this field blank to retain the original file and folder names.


Compression zip

.tar: tar

.tar.bz2: tar.bz2

.tar.gz: tar.gz
Type of compression used to decompress the archive.
Local File of the target compressed archive on Shipyard.
Local Folder NameMANIPULATION_SOURCE_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumeric--Name of the local folder on Shipyard where the target compressed file lives. If left blank, will look in the home directory.
New File NameMANIPULATION_DESTINATION_FILE_NAMEAlphanumeric--What to name the newly decompressed file on Shipyard. Only takes effect if a single file is being decompressed.
New Folder NameMANIPULATION_DESTINATION_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumeric--Folder where the newly decompressed file(s) should be created on Shipyard. Leaving blank will place the archive's contents in the home directory. If the folder does not already exist, it will be created.