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Airtable - Download Table or View to CSV


Quickly export data from a single table on an Airtable base to a CSV.

Only one table or view of data can be downloaded at a time, since CSVs are flat files.

Content of the downloaded file can be further refined by providing a view. Otherwise, the entire contents of the table will be downloaded.


Base IDAIRTABLE_BASE_IDAlphanumericโœ…--The ID of your Airtable base. Found in the URL of your base and starts with app
Table Name or IDAIRTABLE_TABLE_NAMEAlphanumericโœ…--Can be the Name (case sensitive) or the ID of the table. The ID can be found in the URL and always starts with tbl.
View Name or IDAIRTABLE_VIEW_NAMEAlphanumericโž–--Can be the Name (case sensitive) or the ID of the view. The ID can be found in the URL and always starts with viw.
Include Record IDs?AIRTABLE_INCLUDE_RECORD_IDBooleanโœ…true-If checked, an additional column named airtable_record_ids will be created in the CSV containing each row's unique Airtable Record ID. This is recommended if data ever needs to be reloaded back into Airtable in the future.
API KeyAIRTABLE_API_KEYPasswordโœ…--API Key associated with a user that has access to the specified Base, Table, and View listed. Will usually start with key.
Local File NameAIRTABLE_DESTINATION_FILE_NAMEAlphanumericโœ…--Name of file to be generated with the results. Should be .csv extension.
Local Folder NameAIRTABLE_DESTINATION_FOLDER_NAMEAlphanumericโž–--lder where the file should be downloaded. Leaving blank will place the file in the home directory.