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We believe that the next decade is filled with opportunity for brands that focus on using their data to automate every-day tasks. While the focus of the 2010s was on gathering and visualizing data, we believe that the best businesses will prioritize constantly actioning on and automating their data.

If taking this step was easy, everyone would be doing it. There are multiple hurdles to overcome to get to that stage. What we've observed is:

  • Existing systems aren't built with the scale of big data in mind.
  • Cloud systems are needlessly complex for the average user.
  • Low-code platforms can't handle complex business problems.
  • Data Teams are being tasked with navigating and solving DevOps problems.

We designed Shipyard as a first-class workflow automation platform that tackles these problems head-on, helping data teams get to production faster than ever. Teams can launch, monitor, scale, and share business solutions in less than 5 minutes without ever touching infrastructure.

In essence, we're helping Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts focus on the parts of the job that they're best at. Solving problems with data.

The Shipyard Platform​

Out of the box, we offer a lot of features that help make Shipyard the easiest platform for launching and experimenting with new business solutions.

  • Projects for organization
  • Built-in notifications and error-handling
  • Automatic scheduling and on demand triggers
  • No proprietary code configuration
  • Sharable, re-usable blueprints
  • Isolated, scaling resources for each solution
  • Detailed historical logging
  • A streamlined UI for management
  • In-depth admin controls and permissions

If you're interested in getting access to the platform, just send us a note at or click that chat bubble in the bottom right.

Custom Shipyard Solutions​

While we're focused on building out our platform to make it easier for everyone to focus on creating amazing business solutions, we know that not everyone is in the position to do so or may have trouble getting started. Sometimes it's due to a lack of development resources, and other times it's due to not knowing what is or isn't possible.


If you have a problem that you think can be automated, but you aren't quite sure, please reach out to us. We'll gladly work with you to tackle the problem.

Our mission is to help every company automate their menial work, saving 30+ hours per month. The more streamlined your business, the more time you can have back to focus on the things that matter most.

We're excited to see what solutions you're able to create!

-The Shipyard Team