Transfer BigQuery Data to Amazon Redshift

Run a SQL query against any Google BigQuery table or view to generate a file that gets imported to a single Redshift table.

Transfer BigQuery Data to Amazon Redshift

Solution Overview

When working with Redshift and Google BigQuery in tandem, it can be difficult to ensure that datasets remain constant between the two. Shipyard's Blueprints make it easy to automate the process of transferring data from Google BigQuery into Redshift on an automated basis. Select any query to be continously exported from Google BigQuery and imported back into Redshift on the schedule of your choosing.


Google BigQuery


Amazon Redshift

Used for:

Data Pipelines

Data Transfer

Used by:

Analytics Engineer

Data Engineering

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It's easy to
Transfer BigQuery Data to Amazon Redshift
using Shipyard. Select the Blueprints you need, fill out a form, and connect everything together.

There's no code for you to touch or infrastructure for you to manage, but you can always incorporate your own code if you would like.

We do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on building more data solutions for your business.


Click on "New Fleet" anywhere in the application and select a Project.


Search for
Google BigQuery - Store Query Results as CSV
Amazon Redshift - Upload CSV to Table
Blueprints and fill out the required fields.


Drag and Drop to connect your Vessels together.


Create schedule or webhook Triggers to automate your work.

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Google BigQuery


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