Run Coalesce After Importing Data to Snowflake

Upload data directly to a table in Snowflake. Upon completion, run Coalesce models.

Run Coalesce After Importing Data to Snowflake

Solution Overview

Coalesce shouldn't operate in isolation. It's critical that your models are executed instantly after their corresponding data has been processed. Utilizing Shipyard, you can establish a connected workflow that transfers data to a table in Snowflake and instantaneously initiates a selection of your Coalesce models. This ensures that your Coalesce models are activated only when new data has been uploaded. If there's any issue with the Snowflake data, you can halt the subsequent Coalesce operation from starting.





Used for:

Data Pipelines

Data Transformation

Used by:

Analytics Engineer

Data Engineering

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Run Coalesce After Importing Data to Snowflake
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Create a New Fleet
Click on "New Fleet" anywhere in the application and select a Project.


Select a Blueprint
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Snowflake - Upload File to Table from Shipyard
Coalesce - Trigger Job
Blueprints and fill out the required fields.


Drag and Drop Vessels
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Set Triggers
Create schedule or webhook Triggers to automate your work.

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