Get Data Solutions

to Production 10x Faster

Let Data Teams launch, monitor, and share their solutions, without ever touching infrastructure.

Your Workflows, Uninhibited

We get it. New technology can add complexity. That's why Shipyard is designed with simplicity and speed in mind. You get access to the tools you need and the features you expect, right out of the box, so you and your team can spend more time solving tough problems.

Launch with Ease

Supports popular programming languages

Upload code or write in app

Re-use code with blueprints

Store key files and passwords

Automate with custom schedules

Worry-Free Monitoring

Detailed metadata for every job

Historical code output for investigations

Visualized performance over time

Alerts for any code failures

Team visibility for every active job

Less Downtime,
More Scale

No servers to monitor or manage

Run multiple workflows concurrently

Dynamically scale resources

Retry jobs automatically

Run seamlessly at any hour

Security At
Every Step

Admin panel for team access management

Fine-tuned permission controls

Built-in enhancements for sensitive data

Backed by AWS infrastructure security

Integrates with GSuite SSO

Build Solutions Quicker

Spend less time wrangling with setup and more time solving real problems.


Choose a


Use a Code Blueprint to start from scratch with languages like Python, R, Node.js, or Bash.

Or, use a Custom Blueprint quickly reuse existing solutions by filling out a few inputs.

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Build a


Walk through a streamlined process to provide your code, requirements, and all inputs necessary for running your solutions.

Have a tougher task with multiple steps? Build two or more Vessels and turn them into a Fleet, where they can work together to tackle a bigger goal.

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Run your


Set an automated schedule or run your Vessel on-demand.

Once your Vessel is running, sit back and relax knowing we'll handle all the heavy lifting. Every run is automatically retried if any small issues pop up and Vessels can run concurrently without issues.


Check the


Code breaks. That's a fact of life. But it doesn't have to be a mad scramble every time to figure out why.

Every time you run your Vessels, we track it in the logs with no extra setup needed. Spend less time tracking down problems and more time proactively fixing them.

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Solve More Problems

Shipyard gives you the power to quickly build solutions for the toughest problems. Built with rapid prototyping in mind, gain the freedom to experiment with new ways to drive opportunity for your business.

Data Transfer

Deliver large reports between two locations, facilitating work with external clients or vendors. Make it easier for users to transport your data.

Data Integrity Alerts

Constantly check your data for anomalies and potential threats. Alert your team to issues as soon as they happen.

ETL Data Pipelines

Build out your entire pipeline for data, ensuring that everything is clean, up to date, and accurate. Provide better visibility into your web of scripts.

Testing Validation

Let users upload data sets to have their testing efforts analyzed for statistical significance. Never worry about making decisions off of invalid results.

Image & Text Analysis

Process an automated stream of web content to understand sentiment and meaning. Find out what is making your users tick.

Statistical Model Deployment

Deploy models built by data scientists and have them continually update as new data flows in. Use your real-time data to make smarter decisions.

Custom Reporting Exports

Automate reports from your data warehouse to any location for specific dates and clients. Spend less time facilitating custom reports.

KPI Monitors

Send alerts to key individuals when organizational KPIs heavily fluctuate. Keep everyone aware of big swings in performance.

Data Extracts

Automate data extracts for BI tools like Tableau, Looker, and Data Studio. Never worry about keeping your dashboard data fresh.

Business Operations Notifications

Notify users for recurring processes like standups, time sheets, and performance reviews. Stop sending manual reminders.

Backlog Management

Process and load new feature requests into your engineering team's product backlog. Eliminate manual data entry and categorization.

Marketing Automation

Change the status and bids of your marketing campaigns using hourly inventory and performance data. Quit wasting spend when there's low availability.

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