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Blueprint Library#


The Blueprint Library is a location for pre-made Blueprints developed by Shipyard staff. These Blueprints provide an easy way to avoid monotonous development work associated with integrations.

Library Blueprints are designed to:

  • Accomplish a single common action with a single vendor
  • Require minimal details and credentials to get started
  • Require no coding

Library Blueprints are immediately available to every user in an organization. These Blueprints are constantly updated and monitored by our team. If you run into connection issues or general errors, contact

In an effort to be transparent about how our Blueprints work, we open-source the code and make it available on our GitHub. The repositories are broken up by vendor and all end in -blueprints. If some functionality isn't working appropriately, you can open an issue in GitHub or submit a pull request with the proposed changes.

Categories and Actions#

Blueprints are broken down into a few categories with core functionality that should be achieved.


  • Execute SQL Queries
  • Store Query Results as a CSV
  • Upload a CSV to a Table

Cloud Storage

  • Upload Files
  • Download Files


  • Download Sheet to a CSV
  • Upload CSV to a Sheet


  • Send Message
  • Send Message w/ Attachment

File Manipulation

  • Compress Files
  • Decompress Files
  • Convert Files

Data Manipulation

  • Run SQL against a CSV


Over 50+ Blueprints to take action on modern data platforms

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