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Building Your First Project for Testing


For the sake of all of our tutorials, we suggest creating a new Project specifically for testing. This will serve as an area for you to freely explore the functionality of Shipyard without the fear of affecting anything else in the platform.

Creating your Testing Project​

  1. Using the navigation on the left-side of the screen, click on New Fleet.

  2. A prompt will appear asking you to select a Project. Click on the dropdown menu and select Create a new Project

  3. Give your Project a name of Testing.

  4. In the timezone field, start typing Central .

  5. Select the US/Central time zone by clicking the name.


Feel free to search for and select your own time zone instead.

Your setup should look like this:

  1. Click the Create Project button in the bottom-right corner of the prompt.

You've now successfully created your first Project named Testing.

After creating a Project, you'll be able to select the Testing Project from the Select a Project prompt. After selecting the Testing Project, you will be taken into the Fleet builder to begin building your first Fleet in the Testing Project.