Orchestrate Data Workflows in the Cloud for Free
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Orchestrate Data Workflows in the Cloud for Free

Blake Burch
Blake Burch

In the early stages of building data pipelines and solutions for your organization, the most important step is to build out a proof of concept. You want to verify that you're able to connect together all the tools in your data stack and deliver data to your partner teams error-free. The platform you choose needs to be easy to use and up to the task, no matter how expansive your workflows start to become.

Need to move data between databases? Or put ML models into production? Or deliver reports and alerts to relevant stakeholders? It can take a herculean effort to get your data in order, map out your processes, and get sign off from every stakeholder. The last thing you need is a tool that adds on hours of server setup and maintenance into the mix.

Plus, it's important to verify that solutions can be effectively orchestrated before sinking time and money into the effort.  That's why Shipyard is making it even easier for you to get started in your journey of setting up data workflows.

Introducing the Developer Plan

Our new Developer plan gives data engineers the ability to launch and automate powerful data workflows at a smaller scale than the Team plan, all for free.

Every organization is awarded 1 user and 1 hour of monthly runtime. Our new Developer plan will help you orchestrate your entire data stack in just a few minutes, giving you a taste of what it's like to use modern data orchestration. You can continue using the Developer plan as long as you need so you can make data workflows at your own pace.

Once you need to start working with your team, run event-driven workflows, or work with larger datasets, you can easily subscribe to our Team plan, starting at $50/month. From there, our pricing grows with you based on the number of users, total runtime used, and total data uploaded externally.

Quickest Way to Orchestrate Data

We're making it incredibly easy to start building data workflows that help you design and visualize the end-to-end lifecycle of data.

  • Start running Python, Node, SQL, or Bash scripts in the cloud without any infrastructure setup.
  • Eliminate repetitive integration code to move data between the most common tools in your data stack using our low-code templates (with an open-source backend).
  • Sync your code directly to Github, so you know you're always using the latest updates.
  • Create your own low-code templates, track how they get used, and update them in bulk.
  • Avoid spending hours of effort spinning up servers and sifting through the documentation required for other data orchestration tools.

Best of all, you can start doing all of this for free!

This update makes it ridiculously easy for businesses to hit the ground running, building out a solid foundation for their organization's data operations so they can focus on solving important problems. We expect that this update will make it easier for freelancers and hobby developers to launch data workflows on the cloud for their projects with minimal overhead.

Get Started Today

Want to build the right data infrastructure from day one? Start for free with Shipyard today and start connecting all of your data tools into powerful, resilient data workflows. Our Developer plan lets you launch workflows in the cloud, free of charge. For more information about the differences between our plans, view our plans.

We look forward to seeing what data engineers are able to build on our Developer plan!

Questions? Let us know by contacting support@shipyardapp.com

About Shipyard:
Shipyard is a modern data orchestration platform for data engineers to easily connect tools, automate workflows, and build a solid data infrastructure from day one.

Shipyard offers low-code templates that are configured using a visual interface, replacing the need to write code to build data workflows while enabling data engineers to get their work into production faster. If a solution can’t be built with existing templates, engineers can always automate scripts in the language of their choice to bring any internal or external process into their workflows.

The Shipyard team has built data products for some of the largest brands in business and deeply understands the problems that come with scale. Observability and alerting are built into the Shipyard platform, ensuring that breakages are identified before being discovered downstream by business teams.

With a high level of concurrency and end-to-end encryption, Shipyard enables data teams to accomplish more without relying on other teams or worrying about infrastructure challenges, while also ensuring that business teams trust the data made available to them.

For more information, visit www.shipyardapp.com or get started for free.