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Connect Your Data Stack at Record Speeds

Blake Burch
Blake Burch

When we initially brought Shipyard to market, we created the idea of a Blueprint Library - templates that could help teams integrate their data tools without the need to code. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to move data between the most popular databases, storage services, and messaging platforms.

Current list of data tools Shipyard supports with Blueprints

Our initial launch of the Blueprint Library made it incredibly easy for anyone to eliminate 90+% of the initial engineering work it took to interface with external tools. But as use cases and usage evolved, we realized there was still some friction that made it difficult for new users to do what they wanted - get a solution up and running in minutes.

Simplifying our Blueprint Library

Today, we're excited to announce an overhaul to our Blueprint Library. You can get started working with Bigquery, Snowflake, S3, Slack, and many other data tools in a matter of minutes. Every user now has full access to immediately start building solutions with our Blueprint Library.

View of Library Blueprints you can start using immediately

As soon as you sign in, all you need to do is Build a New Vessel -> Select "With a Blueprint" -> Select the Blueprint you want -> Fill out related inputs. You can hit the ground running in just a few minutes.

Build with Confidence

With the previous iteration of the Blueprint Library, we empowered our users to have control over how their Blueprints ran. Users could see the underlying setup for the Blueprint and tweak the Variables, Code, and Requirements to meet their needs. While this provided a lot of flexibility, it also created a lot of confusion with users that just wanted to connect to their data tool of choice without any hiccups.

This level of control also had an undesirable side affect. Teams were effectively creating copies of our Library Blueprints and those copies could have myriad changes. Any time we needed to make updates to a Blueprint, whether to resolve bugs or, we had to communicate with a subset of users how to make those updates on their end.

With our new enhancements, when you build with a Library Blueprint, your Vessel is staying in sync with the latest and greatest updates. You can build with confidence, focusing on providing the right information to get up and running with a vendor in minutes. Bug fixes, new variable options, and package updates can be added behind the scenes to enhance your Vessel's functionality.

Understand Organization Usage

With our latest enhancements, it's easier than ever to keep track of which Vessels are using Library Blueprints and how they're performing over time. The Blueprint Library page has been overhauled to show overall organizational usage.

View Dependent Vessels and Library Blueprint usage

Keep tabs on every instance of your organization querying Snowflake. See every Vessel that's sending messages via Email. The Blueprint Library page now lets you see overall usage and statuses of your Vessels that are relying on the Blueprint Library.

The enhanced Blueprint Library is now available to all subscribers and can be tested with any account. Sign up for our free Developer Plan to start integrating with 20+ tools in your data stack in under 5 minutes. For more information about our Blueprint Library, view our documentation or see our current integrations.

About Shipyard:
Shipyard is a modern data orchestration platform for data engineers to easily connect tools, automate workflows, and build a solid data infrastructure from day one.

Shipyard offers low-code templates that are configured using a visual interface, replacing the need to write code to build data workflows while enabling data engineers to get their work into production faster. If a solution can’t be built with existing templates, engineers can always automate scripts in the language of their choice to bring any internal or external process into their workflows.

The Shipyard team has built data products for some of the largest brands in business and deeply understands the problems that come with scale. Observability and alerting are built into the Shipyard platform, ensuring that breakages are identified before being discovered downstream by business teams.

With a high level of concurrency and end-to-end encryption, Shipyard enables data teams to accomplish more without relying on other teams or worrying about infrastructure challenges, while also ensuring that business teams trust the data made available to them.

For more information, visit or get started for free.