9 Best Data Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2024
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9 Best Data Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2024

Blake Burch
Blake Burch

Want to keep up with the latest and greatest news in the data industry, but you're not quite sure how?

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite newsletters and blogs that are worth getting sent to your inbox. You're bound to learn some great approaches to handling data, see opinionated takes on the future of the industry, and have your mind get blown a time or two.

All of the newsletter options listed below focus on the data ecosystem as a whole, are largely vendor-agnostic in the content they provide, and are listed in no specific order. We hope you'll see some of your favorites and potentially find some new staples for your inbox.

1) Analytics Engineering Roundup

The team at dbt put together a fantastic weekly recap of the biggest articles that mattered for analytics engineering. Beyond getting links to interesting articles, you'll get quick recaps and reactions to the resulting content. If you want depth, this newsletter will give you a lot to unpack.

The Analytics Engineering Roundup
The internet’s most useful articles on analytics engineering and its adjacent ecosystem. Curated with ❤️ by Tristan Handy and Anna Filippova.

2) Data Engineering Weekly

Ananth Packkilduari puts together a weekly newsletter with links to the Data Engineering blog posts that made a big impact. This newsletter focuses on tracking down cool walkthroughs posted by company tech blogs that we may not always be keeping an eye on. You're sure to find some hidden gems by subscribing to this newsletter.

Data Engineering Weekly
Data Engineering Weekly Newsletter

3) Data Elixir

Jam packed with content each week, Data Elixir provides links to some of the best articles each week related to Data Science and its usage at organizations. The content is always high quality, focusing on providing links to great articles and a quick synopsis of their contents. If you're looking for new tricks that your team can pick up, this newsletter is for you.

Data Science Newsletter | Data Elixir
Data Elixir is a data science newsletter with top picks from around the web each week. Covering machine learning, analytics and data visualization.

4) All Hands On Data

This newsletter takes a unique perspective by providing a "boutique library" approach. Providing a list of great articles to read each week, each article is sourced from a different team member with a different background so you get a well-rounded perspective.

All Hands on Data
Our favorite impactful Data articles to keep you up-to-date. Curated for the data community on a weekly basis.

5) O'Reilly Data & AI

O'Reilly has way more than just in-depth books to walk you through any technical solution. They also have quite a few high quality newsletters, with one focusing specifically on the high-level changes happening in the realms of Data & AI. If you want to get a birds-eye view of what's going on in the data ecosystem, this newsletter will keep you on top of the ever-changing landscape.

O’Reilly Newsletters - O’Reilly Media
Get news and insight every week in the O’Reilly newsletters

6) Data News

Christophe Blefari puts together a weekly newsletter that packs a punch. With updates on funding in the space, new data packages to check out, and quick links to stories and twitter threads you may have missed, you're sure to stay up to date with this one.

Data News — A free weekly data newsletter.
Data News is a weekly curation of the data ecosystem. Every Friday it keeps you up to date with the latest data news. Free forever.

7) Modern Data Stack

While this newsletter is the new kid on the block, Modern Data Stack provides a wealth of information every week related to the technology that powers a lot of modern data teams. Not restricted to just technology updates, this newsletter provides jobs, podcasts, articles, and twitter threads you may have missed throughout the week.

Modern Data Stack
Join our community of modern data stack professionals

8) Metadata Weekly

Prukalpa, co-founder of Atlan, shares her weekly thoughts on the latest and greatest articles in the data space. It's insightful and packed with great nuggets each week.

Metadata Weekly | Prukalpa | Substack
Weekly newsletter worth reading – with the latest from the world of the modern data stack, metadata, and data memes! Curated with 💙 for the humans of data. Click to read Metadata Weekly, by Prukalpa, a Substack publication with hundreds of readers.

9) The Week In Data

The Open Data Institute puts together a comprehensive list of articles from major publications that cover the ongoing changes in the data sphere. If you're looking for less niche sources, this newsletter is a great go to.

Know of any great data newsletters or blogs that we missed? Let us know by contacting us.

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